Bomber Hats
Bomber Hats

Your bomber hat is designed for active lifestyles. Wear it and enjoy it!

Use common sense in caring for your bomber hat. Consider the material from which it is made (Please note that many of our hats are made from multiple types of material). Check if your particular hat has a cleaning instruction label sewn in. If so, follow it.

Fur Care: In general, furs like cold and hate the heat. Be sure to store your hat in a closet, or other dark place that is not exposed to light (which will fade your fur) or heat. Make sure it has room to breathe and is not crushed by other garments. For further instruction on the care of fur hats, please visit, our store that specializes in high quality fur hats and Russian hats.

Shearling Care: When wet, just let your shearling hat air-dry. Never put your hat into a washing machine or a dryer! With some exceptions, most shearling products need to be either dry cleaned or “air-dryed”. A trip through the washing machine and a dryer is an easy way to destroy a high-quality shearling product! Clean the hat soon after it gets dirty. Don’t let your hat get too soiled, or it may be more difficult to clean. For long term storage, give your hat some space. Try a box that is slightly larger than your hat. Don’t stuff it tightly among other things. You want your hat to sit naturally, not in some contorted way. AVOID SILICONE. Silicone and shearling/leather products don’t mix.

The above mentioned care instructions are only suggestions. We do not take responsibility for any damage that may result from improper handling.